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When: Tuesdays 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Upcoming sessions

AI in Health with Philips Healthcare.

Join us for insights in at how AI is transforming healthcare with an introduction by Tim Hulsen, SME and senior researcher at Philips. In this session, we’ll explore how advanced analytics and deep learning are enabling more preventive and personalised care.

Learn how AI can enhance medical imaging, improve clinical workflows, and power precision diagnosis – with examples from Philips Healthcare’s involvement in the European health initiative Smart-Bear.

Secure Enterprise AI.

In this Mastermind session we share information on the criteria for Secure Enterprise applications and its Data, allowing to facilitate a roadmap of activities that allow for constructive supporting platforms and applications.

AI in Marketing & Media

Join us for an enlightening session on how AI is revolutionizing the marketing and media landscape, featuring an introduction by Martijn Lindeman, Strategy Director at Dentsu. In this edition of our AI Mastermind series, we’ll delve into the innovative ways AI is being applied to enhance marketing strategies and media operations.
Discover how generative AI and data analytics are transforming advertising, content creation, and customer engagement. Martijn will share insights into Dentsu’s cutting-edge approaches and their vision for the future of AI in marketing and media.
Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from industry leaders and engage in thought-provoking discussions about the role of AI in shaping the future of marketing and media.

Past sessions

Learn how leading companies harness these technologies to engage customers in groundbreaking new ways. See real results from AI-generated social posts, ad copy, landing pages, and beyond. Find out how to supercharge your marketing through smarter generative content that drives action.

Our sharpest minds convene to discuss what it really takes to build a world-changing AI platform. They’ll pull back the curtain on what it takes to envision, architect, and execute an AI platform primed for industry disruption.

Think Bigger. Innovate Smarter. Disrupt Sooner. Whether you’re a forward-thinking startup or an established enterprise, these AI solutions will inspire you.

Customer insights with Artificial Intelligence.

Glimpse inside the minds of your customers with insights from our Customers. With AI you can understand the context shaping your customers’ decisions. Pinpoint exactly what they want and need.

The evolution of chatbots for customer interaction.

Our sharpest minds convene to discuss what it really takes to build a world-changing AI platform. They’ll pull back the curtain on what it takes to envision, architect, and execute an AI platform primed for industry disruption.

Speech-2-Speech AI & Customer Support Solution Platforms.

Speech2speech is a cutting-edge innovation that enables natural conversations between humans and machines like never before. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to go inside the future of human-computer interaction.

Meaningful interactions with AI Marketing.

Witness first-hand how advanced tools and techniques like Generative AI are creating more profound, memorable engagement opportunities. Join and gain invaluable insider knowledge to help future-proof your brand’s customer experience with AI. The future of engagement starts now.

Navigating the intricate realms of Artificial Intelligence is no minor feat.

For C-suite executives, Marketing Directors, and IT Leaders, leveraging AI to its maximum potential is often a top strategic priority—but where do you begin? At AI Heroes Mastermind, we offer an unparalleled programme specifically tailored for decision-makers like you, empowering you to take full control of AI's endless capabilities.

Who is this Mastermind for?

Marketing Directors

In a data-driven world, are you using AI to understand consumer behaviour and enhance your marketing? Learn advanced techniques for analytics, consumer targeting, and ROI measurement. The future belongs to those who harness data and AI.

C-Level IT Executives

For those at the helm of IT decision-making, AI can either be a catalyst for innovation or a looming complexity. Master the implementation of AI and drive operational efficiencies like never before.

Business Leaders

If you're grappling with aligning AI technologies with your long-term business objectives, this Mastermind is your blueprint for strategic success. Refine your vision and make calculated, AI-driven decisions.

Key Benefits

  1. Thought Leadership Panels:
    Absorb invaluable insights from leaders in AI and other C-suite professionals who have successfully integrated AI into their business strategies.
  2. Executive Networking:
    Connect with an elite circle of leaders to share insights, challenges, and success stories, opening doors to high-level collaboration and partnership.
  3. Tailored Strategy Sessions:
    Participate in intensive workshops to formulate AI-driven strategies specific to your role and industry.
  4. Exclusive Access:
    Gain first-hand exposure to emerging AI technologies and investment opportunities, available only to Mastermind participants.
  5. Boardroom-level Insights:
    Receive regular, bespoke intelligence briefs focused on the latest trends and applications of AI in business leadership.

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