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“The way AI Heroes integerate with external stakeholders while working on their projects is satisfying to watch. Our projects, whether big or small, are headed with great experience and with a team this flexible it's always fun to explore new things in Artificial Intelligence with our Client's products with AI Heroes.“

Saad Saleem

Project Manager, Cloud Primero

“The team at AI Heroes has, despite any adversity thrown at them, provided us with impeccable AI software. In the timeline that we gave them they went above and beyond and managed all our expectations.”

Baran Erdogan

CTO, Jogo

“In developing our latest optical healthcare application, AI Heroes has helped us enormously with the analysis and technical realization.”

Igor Stalpers-Croeze

Manager Research & Development



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What types of AI services does your company offer?

We offer a range of AI services including inspiration workshops, opportunity discovery, proof-of-concept development, rapid prototyping, and application maintenance & support. Whether you’re just getting started with AI or looking to build and deploy AI solutions, we can help.

How can an AI Inspiration Session benefit my organization?

Our high-energy AI Inspiration Sessions are designed to help your team experience the potential of AI through collaborative idea generation. Participants gain an understanding of AI technologies and brainstorm innovative concepts for applying AI in your industry or organization. It’s a great way to get inspired about AI opportunities.

What is involved in an AI Opportunity Scouting engagement?

During Opportunity Scouting, we conduct interviews with your employees to uncover insights and identify areas where AI can optimize processes and create value. We analyze the opportunities and present findings to management, providing a roadmap for strategic implementation of AI in your organization.

How quickly can we develop a Proof of Concept for our AI use case?

Our Proof of Concept Track is an intensive 4-week sprint focused on rapidly building and testing the viability of a specific AI concept or technology. A cross-functional team works closely with you to define requirements, develop a functional PoC, and deliver a conclusion on the feasibility.

What if we want to quickly prototype and iterate on an AI application?

For that scenario, our 6-week Rapid Prototyping Track is ideal. Following a discovery session to define requirements, a dedicated team builds an initial functional prototype of your envisioned AI product. We then conduct user testing to gather feedback and insights to inform future iterations and refinement of the application.

Do you offer ongoing support and maintenance for deployed AI applications?

Absolutely, our Application Maintenance & Continuous Improvement service ensures the performance, reliability and evolution of your AI applications over time. We provide agreed-upon service levels to maintain the health of your AI deployment.

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