You Face a
Difficult AI Problem

Stuck with a project or an idea? Unsure how to put the smarts in your system? Wondering how to optimise an existing pipeline? Trying to see the patterns in your data? You are at the right place!

We Assemble
Our Heroes

After reaching out, we assemble the best team for you. No matter if we fly solo, work in your team, or work as a team, we are always ready and eager to take on any challenge!

We Tackle Your Problem Courageously

We face your problems with eagerness and creativity! We communicate with you to devise a battle plan.

We Scour Through
the State-of-the-Art

Scouring the thicket of the modern technology landscape we pick the best technologies for your project.

We Find the Best Solution to Your Problem

We implement our crafted plan and solve your problem!

We Wrap Up
and We Deliver

We polish the code and produce a final product that adheres to your standards.

You Continue Your Journey Satisfied

After all is done, we either move on to a new project with you, or you continue your journey alone – happily ever after.

Lightning Fast
Product Development!

Accelerate and de-risk your AI investment with lightning fast idea validation and product development. Our ready-made building blocks allow us to build your custom AI solution with lightning speed. Achieve quicker time-to-market, scalability and transform your Big Data into value with AI Heroes!

What We Offer



Prototypes show how AI solves your business challenges. Get quick insight into the best solution and discover new opportunities.
  • Take your ideas from the drawing board to reality
  • Super fast front-end, back-end and API set-up with our pre-made building blocks
  • Assurance that your solution works and is able to scale before investing money and resources
Custom AI Solutions

Custom AI Solutions

Boost your business with custom-made AI solutions! Achieve high-speed product development with our AI building blocks.
  • De-risk your AI investment with our project feasibility tests
  • We do start-to-finish projects or improve your latest product
  • Wide range of skills: AI experts, data scientists, full-stack developers and DevOps.
Data Science

Data Science

Data Science, Machine Learning and AI transform your data into value.
  • Transform unstructured and raw data into deep insights, predictions and forecasts
  • Prototypes that identify the value of your data and the hidden structures in your Big Data
  • Dashboards to view and use data in real-time
Support Services

Support Services

Already have an AI team - but need more? We work in close collaboration with your in-house team to advance your AI solutions.
  • Reducing workload and adding additional capacity
  • Unlock new opportunities with our expert knowledge injection
  • Upskill your team develop their capabilities with our AI learnings

Projects - Our Experience in AI

Computer vision for player performance

Computer vision for player performance

Computer Vision – Masky

Computer Vision – Masky

Computer Vision for Privacy – Blur

Computer Vision for Privacy – Blur

Our heroic work
in numbers and


Lines of Code Written


Projects Completed

The way AI Heroes integerate with external stakeholders while working on their projects is satisfying to watch. Our projects, whether big or small, are headed with great experience and with a team this flexible it's always fun to explore new things in Artificial Intelligence with our Client's products with AI Heroes.

Cloud Primero

Project Manager

There was a moment of doubt when we as newcomers in Artificial Intelligence gave our project to the still young AI Heroes. We have not regretted this for a single second, as they went above and beyond to deliverd a working solution within the agreed upon timeframe.

PGK Events

The team at AI Heroes has, despite any adversity thrown at them, provided us with impeccable AI software. In the timeline that we gave them they went above and beyond and managed all our expectations.


Baran Erdogan (CTO)

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