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Making Text More Inclusive with AI

Ensuring written content is accessible and understandable to everyone, regardless of language proficiency, is an important step towards inclusivity. However, manually rewriting text at different reading levels is a time-consuming and costly process. Our client Tolkie saw an opportunity to use AI to help make text more readable and inclusive in an automated way.

Building an AI-Powered Writing Aid

The goal of the Tolkie project was to develop a prototype platform that could analyze text and provide suggestions on how to make it more readable and understandable, especially for those not fully fluent in the language. Users could paste text into the platform, which would then be processed by AI models to rewrite it at different reading levels, with the user accepting or declining the suggested changes.

To build this AI writing aid, we took the following key steps:

  1. AI Model Integration – We integrated large language models like GPT from OpenAI to power the text analysis and rewriting capabilities.
  2. User-Friendly Interface – Our designers created an intuitive interface that highlighted textual suggestions in-line, allowing easy review and acceptance.
  3. Scalable Architecture – We built a prototype platform with a scalable backend to handle increasing usage as the tool gains popularity.

Empowering Inclusive Communication

The Tolkie project successfully delivered a working AI-powered prototype that helps make written communication more inclusive and accessible. Key capabilities include:

  • Analyzing text to identify areas that could be rewritten more simply
  • Providing inline suggestions to rewrite text at different reading levels
  • Allowing users to easily accept/reject suggestions to control the output
  • A scalable platform architecture to support growing usage

By leveraging advanced AI language models, Tolkie makes it easier than ever for organizations to ensure their content is readable and understandable by all audiences, removing language barriers.

Use Cases Across Industries

The ability to customize text for different reading levels has applications across many industries:

  • Education: Simplifying learning materials for different grade levels
  • Healthcare: Making medical information more understandable
  • Government: Increasing accessibility of public services information
  • Workplace Training: Tailoring onboarding/upskilling content appropriately

Any organization that needs to communicate complex information to a wide range of audiences can benefit from an AI writing aid like Tolkie. Rather than struggling with manual rewriting efforts, AI allows this to be done efficiently at scale.

Let AI Remove Language Barriers

Don’t let language proficiency get in the way of effectively communicating your message. AI Heroes can help you develop customized AI writing aids to make your content more readable and inclusive for everyone.

Like the Tolkie prototype, we can create user-friendly platforms that streamline the process of tailoring text for different reading levels using advanced AI language models. This empowers your organization to remove language barriers and ensure no audience gets left behind due to overly complex writing.

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AI Heroes has built a diverse array of AI solutions across industries, from privacy-preserving computer vision systems to natural language processing platforms like Tolkie. Whatever your AI ambitions, our team has the skills to make it a reality.

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Tolkie leverages AI to analyze text and provide suggestions for making it more readable across audiences.

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