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Discovering that a cool image circulating online is AI generated lost its shocking effect a long time ago. But what if you find a song you just enjoyed, was written, composed and performed entirely by AI drawing on just a single prompt? 

The idea of melodic, emotional tracks, crafted by AI still feels like an obscure and futuristic concept for most of us. This year, grand efforts have been made towards changing that. The latest and most compelling leap was taken just last week by Elevenlabs Music.

Here you will learn:

  • Who are Elevenlabs and how they rised to success
  • What sets Elevenlabs Music apart 
  • Caveats and potential challenges
  • What the future of AI Music might look like

Who are Elevenlabs?

In the world of AI Voice Generators, Elevenlabs stands out with their unparalleled ability to produce speech that remarkably mirrors human expression. A true leader in speech synthesis, Elevenlabs was founded in 2022 by two Polish best friends: Piotr, an ex-Google machine learning engineer, and Mati, an ex-deployment strategist for Palantir. Today, Elevenlabs is a billion dollar company and their text-to-speech is considered the best in the game.

Co-founders Piotr Dabkowski and Mati Staniszewski, Warsaw, 2023

Their mission is turning multilingual audio support into reality for education, streaming, gaming, movies, and even live chats. Chances are you have already heard them without realizing it, in the form of a voiceover in videos, audiobooks, TikTok clips – you name it.

What is Elevenlabs Music?

Drawing on their skills in voice synthesis and cloning, Elevenlabs has crafted a music creation tool that can turn a single text prompt into a full-fledged song up to three minutes long. Last week, a preview of the capabilities of the program was released. 

The result is a song comically called “It started to sing” with lyrics all about teaching a machine how to sing (and dream). The sound strikingly resembles what you might hear from a generic pop-rock band playing on the radio in your car. To show off some versatility, Elevenlabs also gave us an upbeat groovy jazz version of the same song. It’s almost surreal to realize that those vocals aren’t actually performed by a real human.

See for yourself:

It started to sing
It started to sing (Jazz)

If that wasn’t compelling enough, they followed up with two emotionally charged tracks, themed all around love and heartbreak – one R&B and the other one – back to rock. The comment section, albeit not very long, looks something like:  “Wow, this is insane!” and “Available on Spotify?”

Broke my heart
My Love

No AI music creation program, including the most recent leaders – Suno and Udio, has been able to deliver fully mastered tracks from a single text prompt. But it is not only in that way that it outdoes the ex-leaders. The realism, songwriting, quality, and versatility are just as unmatched as the convenience. As we pointed out in a previous entry, Suno also produces impressive AI-generated music. But while Suno’s music primarily excels in instrumental and looping melodies, Elevenlabs pioneers in AI voice synthesis and excels in realistic, high-quality vocals.

Drawbacks and future potential

It is still unclear when the platform might become available to the public. Just the release of the preview, however, has already spiked some criticism. Concerns like flooding the music market, in which many talented artists are already struggling or no one potentially being willing to pay for AI generated music, are widely expressed online.

Anyone who has appreciated music as an art form knows that it is not just a collection of coordinated sounds and a soulful touch is required. As with any AI, though, this one could act as a handy tool to ease the expression of human creativity.


Even with mixed opinions regarding AI Music in general, the technological progress achieved by Elevenlabs is astounding and the potential opportunities of use remain to be seen. At AI Heroes we already use Elevenlabs’ services for automating customer service calls. And who knows, maybe now they will help us generate the waiting music too.

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Ralitsa Todorova
Ralitsa Todorova

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